What Are The Battery-Looking Things on A Motherboard?

I am not a hardware expert, but I know that on your motherboard there are these battery-looking things. What is their function? These tiny batteries help power the motherboard so it can work even when there’s no main power supply to do so! They’re called CMOS or CR2032 and each one holds 3 volts of juice. Make sure you replace them if they stop working properly.

What are those weird battery-looking things on the motherboard? I’ll tell you. They’re called capacitors, and they do an important job of storing electricity for our computer to use. Let’s find out how they work!

I’ve often wondered this myself. Turns out, they’re called capacitors and they provide power to the motherboard in order to keep it running when there’s no electricity. It’s important for them to be replaced if they start looking like these guys because without working capacitors, your computer will not function at all! If you have any other questions about computers or anything else related to technology,

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